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Welcome to a (no longer) secret section of the Päter site just for you. Let's get down to it.


Enter the Päterverse.

Performing under the moniker Päter, Iran-born, Toronto-based Parmida Kakavand’s unique brand of indie pop/rock navigates themes like self-discovery and mental health with a lighthearted touch.

After grabbing the attention of listeners internationally by posting original music online, Päter’s debut single ‘Dam, Damn’ racked up over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify alone. Following on the heels of that success, Päter self-produced and released ‘SOLE’, “a six-track EP bursting with fun instrumentation, overlaying catchy vocals, and upbeat vibes” (Elena Childers, Breakthru Radio).

Not to be missed alongside Päter’s musical prowess is their considerable knack for visuals, having been at the creative helm on all their music video releases. Their most ambitious music video, Earth in Revolt, sees Päter playing both the antagonist and protagonist in a climate change fever dream, brought to life by animations and collage-like sequences. Päter conceptualized, co-directed and edited the video, as well as co-producing the track.

Päter's latest release "WHEREFORE WEEP I THEN?", a concept EP on love & vulnerability, hit digital stands on April 14th, 2022. The EP is co-produced by Päter, Charles Tilden and Alex Purcell. From Päter, "it's essentially about trying to avoid vulnerability in love, through humour, anger, delirium and whatever else, and where that ends up taking you."








Carte Blanche Music

"Just over a year since the release of her debut single Dam, Damn, Päter keeps developing impressively, gradually revealing more of the real person behind her musical project: Iran-born, Toronto-based Parmida Kakavand. A brave step forward and a promising start of more to come!"


Break Thru Radio

"When you listen to the newest EP by this Toronto-based indie artist, you’d never imagine it was a completely solo project. Päter, an Iranian-native musician living in Canada, used her time in quarantine to create SOLE—a six-track EP bursting with fun instrumentation, overlaying catchy vocals, and upbeat vibes."


Obscure Sound

"An anthemic rock track alternating between retrospective verses and a roaring chorus... the track’s 'catch a cold breath,' halting at 01:40 plays with infectious, ’90s alt-rock allure.... 'Sleep' manages to transport me to alt-rock nostalgia of yesteryear, while still sounding fresh and inventive."

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 11.59.18 AM.png

Mystic Music Magazine

"With wildly clever lyrics and compositions that are beautifully complex, Päter is establishing themself as a force to be reckoned with within the indie music scene. We recently sat down with them to chat about their writing process, upcoming projects, and the beautiful strangeness of Fiona Apple..."


Off The Record

"Päter’s voice is incredibly powerful – you can hear the intention and passion behind every word and every beat. [Dam, Damn] is incredible – truly, deeply incredible – and I can’t recommend it enough because even if it doesn’t resonate with you on a personal level, it’s an absolute bop."


CBC Music

#3 on "5 music videos made in isolation that cheered us up this week" "Musician Päter has been writing original songs every day and posting them on her Instagram, including one that caught our attention with its daily routine refrain: 'Eat, sleep, CBC, repeat.' Consider it CBC-approved."


Glasse Factory

"Indie-folk rock artist Päter reminds us of the power of Mother Gaia in their track 'Earth in Revolt'. Punching vocals with belting harmonies sing lyrics advocating for the Earth’s protection and reminding us of her resilience. The passion of this message is captured in the sonics of the track, with solid guitar and drum riffs pushing forth to the climax..."


Bodega Sync

"It’s extraordinary when an artist can effortlessly jump from genre to genre and still retain a unique sense of self. Päter does this with ease. It’s always a thrill to be working with raw new talent when they’re tinkering in the lab and feeling things out. There’s no telling what we’ll hear next, but it’s definitely gonna be worth a listen!”

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