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for Päter 👏 


Carte Blanche Music

"Just over a year since the release of her debut single Dam, Damn, Päter keeps developing impressively, gradually revealing more of the real person behind her musical project: Iran-born, Toronto-based Parmida Kakavand. A brave step forward and a promising start of more to come!"



"Blessed with all of the charisma and charm in the world, Toronto artist PÄTER is somebody who continues to surprise and beguile us with the energetic glow and appeal of their explosive alternative pop/rock sound, with three stellar releases to their name already this year."


Obscure Sound

"An anthemic rock track alternating between retrospective verses and a roaring chorus... the track’s 'catch a cold breath,' halting at 01:40 plays with infectious, ’90s alt-rock allure.... 'Sleep' manages to transport me to alt-rock nostalgia of yesteryear, while still sounding fresh and inventive."


Mystic Sons

"While they have certainly looked to make a deep impact on the scene in recent years, 'Something // Way' still manages to make a lasting impression on their glittering repertoire to date. With such a warm and illuminating approach to their direction once again, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take them next."



[on Something // Way] "As far as we’re concerned, Päter has evolved to take these setbacks and turn them into a confident stride. This is most evident on the hook, as the vocals slide into their upper register, complete with soft harmonies, offering a gentle and empathic soundtrack for all of our future failures."



[on Four Walls] "Joyous, rich vocals skip between melancholy and optimism whilst musically, the track brims with vitality. The production is all percolating rhythms and quirky textures, blending avant-pop with irresistible hooks. This is a sublime first introduction for us to a promising artist."


Plastic Mag

"With the release of “Something // Way” (read as ‘Something in the Way’), Päter delivers an indie rock anthem that pulsates with charisma and a relentless energy from the start. With a smooth and fluttering vocal delivery, Päter navigates the verses with compelling melodic lines that weave an intricate sonic web."


Bodega Sync

"It’s extraordinary when an artist can effortlessly jump from genre to genre and still retain a unique sense of self. Päter does this with ease. It’s always a thrill to be working with raw new talent when they’re tinkering in the lab and feeling things out. There’s no telling what we’ll hear next, but it’s definitely gonna be worth a listen!”

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