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music and lyrics by Parmida Kakavand; co-produced by Kevin Howley and Päter; piano - Tom Dobrazanski; all other instruments - Päter and Kevin Howley; mixed by Kevin Howley; mastered by Mariana Hutten at Lacquer Channel

"My reference for this track was the part in Willy Wonka where all the creepy dolls do a song and dance and then blow up. It's about this age of bedroom content making that's dressed up with so much promise but can in fact become quite isolating and maddening. Packaged in high octane indie rock delight."



Päter (Iran-born, Toronto-based Parmida Kakavand) pulls together a larger than life persona from scraps. After grabbing the attention of listeners internationally by sharing snippets of songwriting online, Päter’s debut single ‘Dam, Damn’ racked up over 2,000,000 streams on Spotify alone. Following on the heels of that success, Päter released two EPs, the self-produced 'SOLE' (2020) and 'WHEREFORE WEEP I THEN?' (2022), an EP on unrequited love. Along with both EPs came an eclectic string of self-directed visuals. Päter describes their sound as indie pop/rock drama, a mesh of scrappy rock sounds and emotionally charged storytelling.

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